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September 2016
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DrJeep [userpic]
Nerd Fitness

Okay so while Becky is looking for a Crossfit Box, I am going to work on something called Nerd Fitness.

While I don't normally do well on self-paced kinds of things, I'm hoping this will be something I can stick with, at least for now.

I've created a character and I'm already level 3 on my regular quests.  I'm level 1 on epic quests.

I have access to a gym but I need to start getting up at 3:30am in order fit it into my schedule.  ugh.... like ugh.  It is the only way for me to get a chance to work out and still give Becky a chance to work out also.  Childcare being what it is and all one of us needs to stay home with the kids.

Right now I'm focusing primarily on job related skills and taking courses through work which also benefit my Nerd Fitness character.

For instance, I've taken 9 time management courses so far.

I'm in the middle of an Introduction to PowerShell course at the moment.

Becky and I also try to meditate each evening before going to bed.  It helps us relax in order to sleep better.

My challenge is going to be going to bed at 22:30.  That is a goal of mine since I need to start getting up at 3:30.  Right now I wake up at 4:00, but end up snoozing until 4:30.  Starting Monday I need to push myself out of bed and get to the gym.

I'll let everyone know who it goes.

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