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So freaking pissed right now. The board of bar examiners freaking sucks.

Okay so while Becky is looking for a Crossfit Box, I am going to work on something called Nerd Fitness.

While I don't normally do well on self-paced kinds of things, I'm hoping this will be something I can stick with, at least for now.

I've created a character and I'm already level 3 on my regular quests.  I'm level 1 on epic quests.

I have access to a gym but I need to start getting up at 3:30am in order fit it into my schedule.  ugh.... like ugh.  It is the only way for me to get a chance to work out and still give Becky a chance to work out also.  Childcare being what it is and all one of us needs to stay home with the kids.

Right now I'm focusing primarily on job related skills and taking courses through work which also benefit my Nerd Fitness character.

For instance, I've taken 9 time management courses so far.

I'm in the middle of an Introduction to PowerShell course at the moment.

Becky and I also try to meditate each evening before going to bed.  It helps us relax in order to sleep better.

My challenge is going to be going to bed at 22:30.  That is a goal of mine since I need to start getting up at 3:30.  Right now I wake up at 4:00, but end up snoozing until 4:30.  Starting Monday I need to push myself out of bed and get to the gym.

I'll let everyone know who it goes.

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Hart's Mortuary and Crematory
Josh Bishop
 (Died March 31, 2016)

Josh Bishop, 41, was executed by the State of Georgia and died on March 31, 2016. His last words were ones of repentance and love.

Josh lived a Dickensian childhood in the modern era. He grew up under bridges in Milledgeville, Georgia, in group homes and foster care, often hungry or afraid. He loved the outdoors, though, and later—wholly without bitterness—described golden days of his childhood as ones where he could fish for food or fry up green tomatoes left out for trash by families who had more than they needed. Everyone who knew him as a boy recalls his sweetness, eagerness to help others, and his devotion to his mother.

Unlike the street urchins of the Dickens stories, however, Josh was never saved by a kindly, wealthy gentleman—or even by the State agencies charged with protecting abused children. Instead, he fell into drug and alcohol abuse and at age 19 made horrible mistakes that were not otherwise in his character. His addiction, and what came of it, cost him his life, and he wanted youth growing up in similar circumstances to learn from his story.

In the bleak and alienated world of Georgia’s Death Row, however, Josh found that he could be loved by others and by God, and he came to flourish there as an artist and as a man. He was embraced by the Shertenlieb family, who ministered to him, visited him, and taught him that no is one beyond the reach of forgiveness and redemption. He was baptized as a Catholic.

He taught himself to draw, and, having little else to offer, gave gifts of his art to his friends and family—and even other prisoners and guards. He began to read (“Anne Frank blowed my mind!”) and never tired of discussing the Old Masters, Sturgill Simpson songs, or the beauty of the natural world. He was accepted and cared for by others who came to write and visit him—Amy and Ryan Dunn, Gene and Kathi Gunter, Timothy Tew—and he blossomed in their love and friendship. He was a friend to them, too.

In his last years, working with a clinic at Mercer Law School, he taught close to fifty students lessons about justice that they could never learn in a classroom. He offered abject apologies to the families of his victims, and was comforted in the grace offered by a number of those he had hurt. His heart bled for children who lived without hope for a better life, and did what he could to encourage teenagers who struggled with bitterness or apathy. From his prison cell, Josh reached others with his kind and open heart. He bore others up. He made the world better.

In his last hours, Josh comforted his friends, prayed with us, reminded us to take care of one another, and sang “Amazing Grace.” He hoped that his death would “take away from the pain and add to the peace” of those he had hurt. His continued concern for the suffering of others while he faced the ultimate penalty showed that the evil the State wanted to stamp out was not there, and all that was lost was the potential of a redeemed soul to do good. If there is justice in heaven, if not on earth, he is painting with Rembrandt and humming along with Merle Haggard.

Josh is survived by his brother, Mike Bishop: his best fishing buddy, surrogate parent, and hero. His other beloved relatives include his niece, Sarah, and nephew, Tristan; their mother, Christy Lewis; and his cousins, Crystal Bishop Griffin and Adam Bishop. He is preceded in death by his mother, Carolyn Bishop.

A Mass will be celebrated at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Conyers, Georgia, at 10:30 am on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. A burial will follow at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. Centenary United Methodist Church in Macon, Georgia, will also host an ecumenical service in Josh’s honor on Sunday, April 17, 2016, at 2pm.

In lieu of flowers, we encourage donations to the Methodist Home for Children and Youth, 304 Pierce Avenue, Macon, Georgia 31204.

Register online at hartsmort.com.

Hart’s Mortuary Crematory has charge of arrangements.

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As most of my friends probably know, I have a somewhat of a passion for Hawaiian culture, affection towards the Native Hawaiian people, and concern/outrage over what has been done to the people and culture of Hawaii.  If you know me you also know I believe all people of peace have the right to live their lives in peace, hold their own beliefs, and defend themselves and their communities against those that would do them harm.   So why am I bringing these things up?  There is a lot going on in this country that I have either not understood or until now taken the time to try to understand.  Specifically I’m referring to inequality.  Inequality of all kinds, such as, Social inequality, Legal inequality, Perceived inequality, Cultural inequality, and pretty much any inequality if I were to cast a broad net over the issue.  Now bear with me because I will go off on tangents.

On Thursday, March 31st 2016 at 9:37PM EST, Joshua Bishop was executed by the State of Georgia.  He was sentenced to death when he was 19 years old.  He never knew who his father was and he was passed from home to home until he eventually found out who his mother was and ran to be with her as a teenager.  With her he lived homeless under a bridge in some of the direst conditions anyone could endure, he watched helpless while his mother drank, did drugs, and prostituted herself out in front of him.  The police tried to make him leave but he refused because he didn’t want to leave his junky mother alone.  One night, he was hanging out with a 35 year old man who got him drunk and gave him drugs.  The man then told Joshua (who was now an impaired 19 year old kid) to get the keys to a third man’s car.  Josh attempted to do just that and the third man woke up and proceeded to beat Josh.  The 35 year old man handed Josh a curtain rod so he could defend himself.  While Josh and the man were engaged, Braxton (the 35 year old man) hit the victim in the back of the head with a car battery, killing him.  Upon being arrested, Josh immediately cooperated fully with police and was contrite and scared for his part in what took place.  Despite that, he was sentenced to death for his part in the murder. Braxton, the 35 year old man who actually committed the murder, got life and is up for parole in a few months of this writing.  Joshua was my Mother-In-Law’s God son, which would make him my God Brother.  When my wife was younger, he wrote to her and sent her a leaf he had found in the prison yard.  He said he wanted to set the leaf free.  As my wife said, “Does this sound like a monster to you?”  During his numerous appeals, evidence was even introduced that proved Josh could not have killed the victim and the court refused to overturn the conviction or commute the sentence.  7 of 12 Jurors came forward and said they were not properly instructed and did not want the death penalty for Josh.  Josh’s own attorney even testified that he was drunk during most of the trial and was incompetent in Joshua’s defense and the State did nothing.  At the time of his execution, Joshua Bishop was strapped to a table for over two and a half hours while the guards brought in sandwich trays and party platers.  They threw a damn party in the same room with Josh and laughed at him while he waited for hours to be executed strapped to a table.  The guards told Josh’s attorney that if she didn’t stop crying she would have to leave the room and she should just grab a sandwich and enjoy herself since it was a party.  While Josh was dying, the guards were laughing and eating sandwiches over him.  If you weren’t before, you should be outraged.  I know I am.

          While Joshua Bishop was a white man, he came from abject poverty and stayed in poverty his entire childhood because he did not want to leave his mother.  When he briefly attended school he was a straight “A” student and was well liked by everyone.  He was never a problem or trouble to anyone.  His only crimes were being poor, loving his mother, and wanting to be accepted and loved by someone… anyone… which is unfortunately became a 35 year old piece of garbage named Braxton.  He was failed by everyone.  By my Mother-In-Law and wife’s accounts, he was a gentle and sweet boy who really never had a chance.  He spent his entire adult life and ultimately gave his life for a crime committed by Braxton, a man who will so be up for parole and possibly released in the coming months.  I bring this up because last month a 72 year old black man named Brandon Astor Jones.  Jones was the oldest death row inmate in Georgia, while Joshua was 41 at the time of his execution.  To think Joshua’s appeals and clemency denials were not politically motivated would be ignorant.  It only stands to reason, the State executed a black man last month so they needed to execute a white man this month, regardless of the fact there was evidence proving Josh did not commit the crime for which he was sentenced to death.  After all, according to the State, he was just some unwanted white kid no one would miss anyway.  Well, State of Georgia, Joshua Bishop was, is, and will be forever loved and missed.  And while I want to scream at those responsible for his execution “BURN IN HELL”, I also know it is not my place to judge.  Those responsible will get what is coming to them and I have no idea how they can sleep at night much less live with themselves.

This brings up something that has been weighing heavily on my mind.  I’ve been listening to Macklemore a good deal recently. I know many people have heard his mainstream songs like “Thrift Shop” and “Downtown”.  Those that have heard his song “Same Love” know that he also supports same sex marriage and equality for all.  I have found the work of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to be both entertaining, thought provoking, and emotionally moving.  I’m not sure if it is their most receive body of work, but the “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made” album really impacted me in a profound way.  Are they still called albums?  I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats.  Seriously though, I was and am moved to laughter, tears, love, and anger by the music in this collection.  If you have only heard “Downtown” on the album, definitely check the rest of the songs out.  I keep singing portions of “Brad Pitt’s Cousin”, “Dance Off”, and “Let’s Eat”.  None of those are on topic though because the song I want to address is called “White Privilege II”. *Crickets*

“White Privilege II” has really made me look at things on the mainland of this country in a different way.  Which surprises me because I am so concerned with preserving and acknowledging the culture and people of Hawaii it is hard for me to believe I would have difficulty understanding things like the Black Lives Matter movement.  You see, as someone who was raised in a multicultural environment, growing up in Navy Housing, going to school with other Navy Brat kids, and then joining the Navy myself after high school, I’ve never really payed much attention to someone’s race.  People either get along with me or they don’t, but race has never been a factor in that equation for me.  Something I hadn’t stopped to consider though is that while I may have been raised in a culturally diverse environment, not everyone else has.  Moreover, I never realized or understood that there is a great divide and fracture between the people and cultures of this country.  “White Privilege II”, really helped explain, and hit home many things I either didn’t understand or bring to light things I had not seen.

          I have seen all kinds of things in the media regarding racially motivated violence.  Police on Black violence, Black on White violence, Black on Black violence… frankly way too much violence.  Truth be told, I’ve been fearful for my own life and the lives of my wife, children, and the rest of my family simply because we are white and there seems to be an ever growing movement of violence against innocent white people.  So yes, it does concern me.  My wife reminded me the other day that when it is our time to go it is our time to go regardless of how we leave.  That made sense to me and made me feel a little better about the whole situation and factored into my writing this now in a way.  I saw a round table interview with Jamila Woods, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis on Colorlines News on Youtube.  If you are interested in seeing it, the title is Deconstructing “White Privilege II”.  Several points were made and there are a couple that stuck out in my mind.  One thing that stuck out to me is should white people even talk about this topic?  Do I as a white man just quietly watch from the sidelines because the topic of Black Lives Matter and White Privilege are someone else’s issue?  I am an inclusive person who does his best to see the value and worth of a person’s heart regardless of the factors that commonly divide people such as race, religion, sexual orientation, and culture.  So why even get involved?  Why bring it up? Why ask questions that are going to make people feel uncomfortable? Why put yourself in danger to possible aggression when all you want is to live a peaceful life?  The answer is really simple for me.  I simply cannot abide injustice or the oppression of another person or people.  I just can’t.  For years I’ve spoken out to raise awareness regarding our overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and systematic destruction of Hawaiian language and culture.  No wonder the Hawaiian people are outraged.  When our country overthrew the Hawaiian Islands, Native Hawaiian’s did not believe in owning property.  So a few powerful white families got together and divided up the islands for themselves and excluded the Hawaiian people.  Sure, they were given basically the crappiest island in the chain to live on but come on.  We are talking Indian Reservation type crap here. Their language was no longer taught, and hundreds of thousands Hawaiians died from us bringing new diseases to the islands.

          There is a serious inequality problem in our country.  Society is constantly targeting one group or another to keep us all divided.  No one seems to be exempt except those pulling the strings.  We are divided by race, socio-economic standing, religion, sexual orientation, culture, and probably more than a dozen other ways.  Society pits the “Have Nots” against the “Haves”, Straights against Gays, Western Culture Vs Eastern Culture, Citizen Vs Immigrant, and one race against another.  IT IS ALL BULLSHIT!  We are not each other’s enemy here!  Joshua Bishop was a victim of a prejudice judicial system.  How many rich people do you see on death row?  I can’t think of one. I would wager that to a person, nearly every single one of them come from a desperate socio-economic background.  Couple that with the fact that there are more blacks in poverty than any other racial group and a justice system that is predisposed against the black race, no wonder so many of the black population are outraged.  They are right to be outraged.  Their outrage over being mistreated however does not mean more people from other races need to be executed.  Here is a novel idea, how about we stop freaking executing people all together. 

          As badly as white people of the lowest socio-economic background are treated by the people running our justice system, black people of that same socio-economic background I would wager still have it worse.  That is what I think the Black Lives Matter movement is mostly about.  I am a white male in his mid-40’s, father of 4, husband to my wife, employed, rents a home, owns a car, veteran of the US Navy, I have a current Georgia Weapons Carry License, and faith in God.  That is pretty vanilla sounding right?  That is exactly right when it comes to main stream society.  That is just a basic description of me and I society probably assumes I live a fairly vanilla life.  For the most part I probably do, but taking a closer look “society” can probably pick these things apart, but I’m not here to talk about me.  Now just substitute the word white for the word black.  A Black male in his mid-40’s, father of 4, husband to my wife, employed, rents a home, owns a car, veteran of the US Navy, I have a current Georgia Weapons Carry License, and faith in God.  After reading that again, there are probably a number of assumptions many people in society would probably make.  Black Male in his mid-40s with 4 children?  The immediate thought would be man this guy really sleeps around while I’m sure many people would think I’m probably Catholic since I have 4 children.  Well, my oldest daughter is adopted, my oldest son is from my first marriage, and my youngest two are from my marriage to my wife.  So knowing the details doesn’t exactly paint me a pretty picture.  So adding in those details we’ve learned that I’m divorced and still I would wager the pervading opinion would still be against the black man with the same description.  What other assumptions could be made?  Faith in God?  I’m sure most people would assume I’m a Christian because I have faith in God, while who knows, they may think the black man is Zealot Extremist.  Neither announced a religion, only faith in God.  Same could be said regarding the Weapons Carry License.  A white guy in Georgia with a Carry License is no big deal right?  Black guy with a Carry License, and we are having a completely different conversation.

          You see?  Society has ingrained this stuff in us for a long time now.  See a Hispanic person in a pick-up truck and they are here illegally, see a Black man in a BMW and he stole it, see an Asian on a motorcycle and he a courier for a drug ring, see a white guy in a suit and he is part of the hated 1%, and it is all crap. 

          I’ve been thinking a lot about all of this inequality going on all around us.  I’ve been trying to understand my own prejudices and how to overcome the ones that impact the world, my community, my family, and me in a negative way.  Until recently, I had always been kind of outraged by things like the Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, and All Lives Matter movements.  Why?  I’m certain that most of us will agree that all lives matter, but there is a problem most of us aren’t seeing.  It is a problem so entrenched in our society and justice system that sometimes it is even hard to believe it exists but it does.  The problem is that the justice system and much of society immediately view the black race and black culture as something that is dangerous and suspect from the word go.  It isn’t right.

          What I’m struggling with is what is actionable?  What can we do to fix such a fractured and ridiculously broken system?  How do we as a Country, as a People, and as Society come together on these issues and correct them?  The Justice System isn’t going to help.  Laws aren’t helping. Violent radicals on the fringes aren’t helping.  How does this get fixed?  I guess that is the question we all need to be asking ourselves and each other.  How does this get fixed?  I don’t know if I’m qualified to answer that question.  All I know is something needs to be done. 

          Rest in Peace Joshua Bishop, may God bless you and welcome you.  You are finally free.  The rest of us have a lot of questions to ask, conversations to have, and some pretty major problems to solve.  I have no idea how where to start, how to proceed, or even what to do.  All I know is that I cannot remain silent and I cannot remain passive.   I’m a very small part of this world, and if I can bring awareness to even one person then I know I will have accomplished something good.  I hope to one day be able to do something good in the name of Josh Bishop.  I hope one day we can end inequality and prejudice.  I don’t know what to do or how to fix this but I do know if we don’t spread awareness and start talking about these things, we won’t ever move forward.

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irelandsgoddess, my amazing wife, has finished her last final exam for her Doctorate of Jurisprudence!!!!

"In the United States, the professional doctorate in law may be conferred in Latin or in English, as Juris Doctor, and at some law schools "Doctor of Law" (JD or J.D.), or Doctor of Jurisprudence (DJur or D.Jur.), respectively. "Juris Doctor" literally means "Teacher of Law", while the Latin for "Doctor of Jurisprudence"—Jurisprudentiae Doctor—literally means "Teacher of Legal Knowledge"."


I'm so fortunate and proud to be married to such an incredible woman.

Okay everyone,

I'm looking for someone to assume the loan on my house. Here is the Craig's List I put up on it.


The mortgage payment is only $790 a month for a 3 bedroom 2 bath on almost an acre of land.

Anyone that is interested, please let me know.


I got this from a friend of mine.

Let me get this straight.

Obama's health care plan will be written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it, signed by a president who smokes, funded by a treasury chief who did not pay his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, financed by a country that is nearly broke, and marketed by a lobbiest firm hired by an administration that compaigned against special interest with a promise to be the most transparent administration in history.....

Obama lied...


Anyone able to help me move a few things into storage this Saturday the 16th please let me know. There are a few things I can not possibly move by myself and I really need an extra person or two for. I would very much appreciate the help. Most things I can do by myself, but some things just aren't physically possible to do solo.

Please call me if you are able to help me. 404 427 1447.

The night of the 16th, I think someone is planning some kind of pre-wedding get together. Please ask Becky about the details if you are interested.

I really need the help moving stuff so please help.


Does anyone want 2 Tickets and Green Lot Parking for Game 3 of the Braves vs the Astros today. Game time 1:35PM. I will be in Marietta most of the morning. If interested, call my cell please or text me (or leave a message here and I'll check it in the morning). THANKS GUYS!!!


Sports MMOs

For all you MMO players out there, here is a baseball version... :)


Here is a Football MMO that I really like.


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